African Black Soap

African Black Soap

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African Black Soap is known for its moisturising abilities and is suitable for all skin types. The benefits of African Black Soap are amazing and lie between the following ingredients:

  • cocoa pods
  • coconut oil
  • palm tree leaf derivatives, including palm kernel oil and palm oil
  • plantain bark, which contains iron, as well as vitamins A and E
  • Shea butter

Our combination soap mixes the fantastic benefits of African Black Soap with our standard 4 ingredient soap making this soft on the skin without any gritty bits but the benefits of African Black Soap.

Sulfate free with no SLES or SLS or Parabens 


Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laurate, Coconut Oil, African Black Soap (sourced from Ghana).

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