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Our all-natural makeup remover (vegan friendly) gets even the toughest makeup off (we know from experience). Hand crafted and tested on anyone that would allow us to test we have combined powerful ingredients that are known to not only to assist with removing makeup, dirt and grime but also to assist the skin with healing.

Our makeup remover contains ingredients that can benefit your skin:

Strong antioxidants

Ingredients to enhance skin overall quality & appearance

Brightens dull skin tone

Decreases redness & boosts collagen

Fights premature ageing

Gentle and none irritating

Are natural Moisturisers

Restores the skins natural moisture balance

Reduces acne & redness


How to use

Apply a liberal amount to dry skin, gently rub until all makeup has come away from the skin and remove with face washer/tissue. Apply warm face washer and wipe, your face with then feel soft and smooth with no oily residue.


Ricinus communis, Rosa moschata,  Olea europaea, Organic dried rosa moschata, Citrus aurantium essential oil, Matricaria chamomilla essential oil, tocopherol






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